Contributing to Our Community

Contributing to Our Community

We strongly believe that giving back to our community will make it stronger. We only see ourselves as successful as the families and businesses by our side. One of the places we choose to help out is Our House Shelter.

Our House Shelter provides the working homeless – individuals and families – with shelter, housing, job training, education, free childcare and summer youth programs, in order to equip them with the skills to be successful in the workforce, be successful in the community, and most importantly – be successful in their own family life.

Day in and day out, ARI is in the business of bringing order out of chaos, restoring family homes and businesses when disaster strikes. So it made perfect sense that when we were invited to renovate Our House Shelter’s vast closet system, we jumped at the opportunity to donate the time and resources necessary to complete the task. After all, restoring order after devastation is what we do. 

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Commercial Remodeling Benton
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Our House Shelter is just one of many community charitable organizations that ARI is involved in. Contributing to our community matters greatly to us, which is why we strive to be involved in several organizations throughout our community. Click here tosee more.  

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